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This album is my first studio album. Alternate versions of It's a Dream, See it Through, and Trash, recorded in the corner of my bedroom, appeared on a demo with twelve other songs that was released as Minivan Gogh in May of 2008. Most of the rest of the tracks presented here were written as I was recording, and for the flexibility to do this I'm forever indebted to Dave Wilson who engineered the entire album. Tremendous thanks to my friend Yun Kum Collins of EyeCandy for the cover art!


released December 16, 2011

All lyrics and music by Tom Ricker
Additional string arrangements on "Fine" and creative inspiration throughout by Dave Wilson
Guitars, bass and vocals, Tom Ricker
Additional instruments, Dave Wilson
Recorded LyraDigital, Houston, TX Feb-Sept 2011
Produced and engineered by Dave Wilson
Original cover art by Yun Kum Collins
Dedicated to Kim Ricker and Benjamin Won-bin Dennis Ricker


tags: rock Houston


all rights reserved


minivan gogh Houston, Texas

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Track Name: it's a dream
enter the world other way
going slowly is all I have to say
all the blind lead the blind
gaze in the emptiness ‘cuz you’ll never find
it’s a dream

its all image in this nation
can’t tell what’s real versus imagination
never to feel, never to give
you’d have to fall asleep to find ten minutes to live
it’s a dream

see the fear all the hate
we fly all over these polluted landscapes
beneath brainwaves a sub mission
i’d like to find the key to all nocturnal emissions
it’s a dream

can’t live awake, Can’t sleep today
can't control the madness it will go its own way
what you save
it’s all spent
can’t concentrate through all these rapid movements
it’s a dream
Track Name: see it through
you’d like to speculate
the nature of the dreams that come and gone
a need to fill the space
where emptiness grows freely once upon
a place to generate
illusions of a permanence to come
we live our lives in haste
pass the time from one to on and on

but you would have to see it through

i’d like to insulate
hide from all the madness on the gun
throw away the waste
look back its all that’s to gaze upon
can love generate
the will stop the murder we condone
a will to recreate
the beauty of a moment stands alone

but you would have to see it through
Track Name: liberate
Like snakes in a pit you ring and kill them as they retreat
From on high` you're blind to all the death you cause on distant streets
And all the pain, it’s just a drop on the map (fuck it) you never see
The rage. inside the dead abide by the principles that you seek

When you drop the bombs

To instill with shock and awesome lack of humanity
It’s just a game, you play a child creates a new hegemony
From the sweat of slaves you pay so that they’ll pretend they're free
Its all the same a whipping post drawn in the desert we all see

You drop the bombs

Kiss the tip of my cruise missile
We liberate you in the name
of the father, son and holy vessel
to be filled up with your pain
fall down from 20,000 feet
can you feel the reign
of freedom

How many thousands more
Track Name: sheep look up
war is peace, love is hate
you’ll never be as free as when you’re a slave
its not what you cost but how you relate
the poor are blessed but only at heaven’s gate
the rich are working hard at being corrupt
they have more time before the sheep look up

pain is good, pleasure is bad
you’ll never be as happy as when you feel sad
we thank the man, for breaking our backs
scream at the emptiness then kiss his ass
but the order of things, we cannot disrupt
they sharpen their knives in case the sheep look up

night is day, black is white
you’ll never be as blind as true believer’s sight
we celebrate the murder as fighting the good fight
offer up your children because death is life
you think the president he really gives a fuck
you’re packing wool in case the sheep look up
Track Name: wonderland
rabbit speaking, chessmen creeping in
mirror singing the white queens drinking gin
drop tabs ten one sight’s been fish-eye lensed
can’t stop, skirts up, hand fucked but is it clean
in your wonderland

pulsate colors mushrooms taste like wood
you fall down stand up its all the same return
back-swords upside forward count it down
time stop flowers pollinate with sound
in your wonderland
Track Name: fine
he holds his fist in rage
listening to the fading words
daddy’s gone not much to say
he’ll have to work it out
the seat burns his arm
where sunlight castes upon the silence
tares the covers has he stares
at the loneliness that follows

but he will find
someway to make it
he is fine
as long as he can fake it

how long can he stare
not look at any faces
not reveal the fear
of losing everything
he walks away and bleed
but will not say a word
anger is his open wound
in the loneliness that follows

but he will find
someway to make it
he is fine
as long as he can fake it

can’t fight the moment after
can’t find the boy he knew
he still hides
he’s still an actor
but sometimes the truth shows through
can’t hold the memories
but can’t let it go
it’s all there it’s plain to see
it’s all a show

and he is fine
Track Name: easy
Every room she walks in is a temple
Believers kneel profess their faith
But they’re not looking for salvation
They’re praying for a fall from grace

She falls so easy, lands too hard

Every song she sings is like an anthem
Every one she loves disposable
Every pill she takes is necessary
Every day she fakes another show
Track Name: all over now
I woke up this morningAnd looked across the bed
Trying to remember the last thing that she said
Walking out the door she was so beautiful to see
Her face was perfect but the words I can’t believe

It’s all over now
It’s all over now

I woke up this morning and thought that I might pray
But the emptiness requires too much to say
I think if I were god I’d really have to laugh
We fools who see the truth and choose to turn away

It’s all over now
It’s all over now

I woke up this morning and looked across the bay
The crimson tide rolls in the fish just so much waste
The gulls no longer fly the air’s to harsh to breath
The trash piled up so high the children cannot see

It’s all over now
It’s all over now
Track Name: trash
Pretending that they care
For the falling deadly air
But it’s a paisley brain repair
And were trashed

Toxic sweet perfume
Deadly smokestack plumes
We’re breathing all that we consume
And its trash

Drive your limousine
Build your war machine
Still you dress like mr. clean
But your trash

The angels come for you
A preacher dressed like a cartoon
Will Jesus bless your silver spoon
When your trash
Track Name: i'll be released
I take the pen to hand to take a stand
For one last ray of hope
The words that come to me in imagery
Of how I cannot cope

I feel the wind tonight I try to fight
But I cannot let it go
I freeze inside my mind, I’d like to find
Some shelter from the cold

But I’ll be released
I’ll be released some day
I’ll be released
I’ll be released some way

I take a scarlet glass and drink it fast
Cuz it’s a passing phase
I find my logic’s still a losing will to power in a rage
Fundamentally I’d like to see
Beyond this plastic cage
So I will wait a while and break a smile
As I leave my cave

But I’ll be released
I’ll be released some day
I’ll be released
I’ll be released some way
Track Name: fade away
can you feel the weight of the world
pressing down on your dreams
it used to be possibilities
were all that I could see

And I want to be where the air is fit to breathe
And the forests still shelter, and the rivers are clean
For the right to live in dignity I’m ready to fight
And I want more than anything to just feel alive

Then it fades away

but all around are those who worship with the dead
they’ll pull you down, collect a fee
trade your soul for a dollar now
they call it efficiency